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Tikka Masala - Best of Citysearch 2010

Welcome to Tikka Masala, San Francisco's finest Indian and Pakistani restaurant!

You probably already know...our restaurant downtown San Francisco is offering a wide range of interesting, authentic, and a consistently high standard of Indian and Pakistani food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our experienced staff is only too pleased to assist you in selecting dishes, with strengths to suit all tastes, if required.

Tikka Masala - Simple, uncomplicated, and divine, our mouthwatering menu features boldly flavored foods utilizing the freshest local ingredients and organic produce from small California farms. Our menu consists of the finest signature dishes from all regions of India and Pakistan.

In essence, this restaurant is for those who take their food seriously. No more excuses - here’s all the superb Indian and Pakistani cuisine you're ever going to find in San Francisco.